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Hello Friends, Welcome to The Technical Universe blog. It is your destination where you can  Learn, Earn & Grow. This blog is about Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and Reviews of latest Technology & Gadgets.

About the Blog:

The Technical Universe is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Technology, Digital Marketing, SEO and Online Earning.

I am very inspired by top Digital Marketers & SEO experts of the world and I love SEO. This motivation in me is because I also want to help people to grow in their business and solve their problems.

My name is Ratnesh Singh a professional Digital Marketer, Blogger, Entrepreneur & Investor. After completion of my Graduation in Guwahati, I moved to New Delhi for my MBA, I got a campus placement and I started working with Delmonte India as a Territory Manager, At the beginning of my corporate career, I felt myself very lucky that I got a white-collar Job in such a big MNC where people dreams off to get in.

In 3.5 years of my corporate life, I got to know that I am not made for corporate kind of things, I feel very uncomfortable while doing a 9 to 5 job.

One question I always ask myself every day when I go to the office – “How people of this corporate world can do same work on a daily basis without any learning?” 

I am very ambitious about my work, I always wanted to develop a platform which helps people somehow in their daily day-to-day life in solving their problems

I always wanted to be my own boss, so I started following my passion and build an empire of entrepreneurship.

What are Ratnesh Singh’s Areas Of Interest?

I love Blogging, Building brands, Travelling & watching good movies.

[Want to Talk with Me?]

You can send me mail on singh.ratnesh@hotmail.com